May 12 to 14, 2017 Sudbury, ON - Delki Dozzi Park Join as we plant Sudbury's first community food forest!  Along with planting activities, there will be a series of workshops. The presentations will... Read more
May 27 & 28, 2017 Where: Perth, ON Are you: Seeking an engaging learning experience and practical knowledge to apply to your land, work, community and life? Interested in growing food, taking... Read more
June 10 & 11, 2017 Where: Perth, ON Are you interested in: Creating gardens that provide food and medicine year after year, while taking care of the water, soil, plants and animals? Gardening in... Read more


It has been such a delight to facilitate the design of this community food forest: the team has been a dream and the community seems very interested.  I went to Sudbury in October 2016 to lead two ... Read more
February 1, 2017 It was -21C last night and I forgot about the greens in the greenhouse again. In the early afternoon, I went to see the extent of the damage, and was very pleasantly surprised to... Read more
Where are the places we go for nourishment? This is a guided relaxation to connect with the hidden and taken-for-granted places in our lives that feed us and give us peace.