Growing and Loving It!

The work we love is growing! Last year, we were delighted to start collaborating with Just Food and Permaculture Ottawa, and to discover that all three of our permaculture courses and the community permaculture convergence were booked full. We hosted several community events through Transition Perth, including a solar cooker demonstration, a gift bazaar, a veggie garden tour, a fruit propagation workshop and a collaborative communication workshop.

This year continues to be as full! We have several permaculture offerings this year in Ontario and also in Nova Scotia. I'll also be going back to Haiti to give permaculture trainings tailored to two teams that I worked with previously.

We're getting into full swing with our gardens, including a small-scale food forest, and are looking forward to hosting more groups here. We've got plenty of annuals veggies started. The herbs are growing; the garlic mustard and Egyptian walking onions are already abundant. We're watching over some young perennials, including an Asian pear, two goji berries, some raspberries, two Nanking cherries, a red currant, and some sedum. And there's more to come! Yes, growing and loving it :)


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