Permaculture Convergence 2012 - Presentation Proposals

We are in the process of planning our winter/spring Eastern Ontario Permaculture Convergence. We are aiming for a Saturday in April in Ottawa; we're still waiting for a final confirmation about the venue, so we apologise that the date is not yet fixed. The format of the convergence will be similar to last year, with multiple presentations/mini-workshops in the morning and an Open Space Technology forum in the afternoon (in which folks can initiate topics and discussions that same day).  More details about the convergence to follow!

We are now accepting proposals for the morning presentations/mini-workshops. If you have already completed a Permaculture Design Course, we invite you to submit a proposal. This is an opportunity to share your work, projects and designs with the wider community and it gives other folks an opportunity to learn from your experience. We are seeking a diversity of topics, with priority given to topics related to permaculture applied in cold climates and urban settings. Please note that we are seeking volunteer presenters (everyone involved in organising the convergence is volunteering, with profits going to support community projects) and do not guarantee that all proposals will be accepted, as we will have a limited number of presentation rooms and time slots. The presentations/mini-workshops will be 50 minutes long and can be led by individuals or teams.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please fill out the information below and email it back to us before Monday, February 6, 5pm. Please email us if you have any questions. 

Email: info at eonpermaculture dot ca


Permaculture Convergence - Presentation/Mini-Workshop Proposal

Your Name(s):

Title of your Presentation/Mini-Workshop:

Please describe what you would present and/or the activity you would do with the group (please give a few sentences):

Please indicate whether your presentation/workshop is: Introductory Level Advanced Level
By "introductory level", we mean that it is geared towards someone who has NOT taken a PDC.
By "advanced level", we mean that it is geared towards someone who has taken a PDC.

Requests for equipment (eg. paper and pencils, flipchart, digital projector):

Biographical Info (please give a few sentences about your background in permaculture and other-related fields, and your experience with this topic):

Thank you!


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