Community Food Forest Presentations & Planting (Sudbury)

May 12 to 14, 2017

Sudbury, ON - Delki Dozzi Park

Join as we plant Sudbury's first community food forest! 

Along with planting activities, there will be a series of workshops. The presentations will be approximately 1 hour followed by 2 hours of hands-on planting. For those willing to contribute time to help with maintenance tasks this summer and fall, the workshops are free (we're asking for 3 hours commitment per workshop). 

Sudbury community food forest

Introductory Presentation: "Permaculture Ideas" with Chase Beaudoin.  Friday, May 12, 5:30pm.

Learn the basic about edible forest gardening through focus on common issues that that gardeners face and how nature can solve these problems for us. 


Introductory Presentation: "Food Forest Basics" with Fionna Tough. Saturday, May 13, 10am.

Come and learn the basics of edible forest gardening! Fionna, a beginner “Food Forester” will fill you in on what she has learned through sitting on the Food Forest Steering Committee through Sudbury Shared Harvest over the last year.  After learning basic terminology and being introduced to entry-level concepts of permaculture, you will be invited to participate in a hands-on planting session of the Food Forest being established at Delki Dozzi Park. Let’s get growing!


Advanced Presentation: "Food Forest Design & Maintenance Considerations" with Bonita Ford. Saturday, May 13, 2pm.

This advanced session builds upon the 1-day Edible Forest Garden (EFG) workshop last fall; it will not cover basic concepts.  This is meant for those who took the 1-day workshop or for those who have studied EFG's.  
Topics include: design priorities (scale of permanence); how much to plant and maintain (zones of use, small- and large-scale plantings); polyculture/guild composition (ecological complexity and simple maintenance, familiar and novel foods, known cold hardiness and experimentation); installation and maintenance considerations (heavy equipment, hand tools or animals; home use, community or commercial); other considerations (safety for kids, fencing for animals).
After the presentation, help us plant our new community food forest!

Informal Q & A session with Bonita Ford. Sunday, May 14, 2pm. 

Maybe you want to plant a little food forest on your own property or you just want to learn more. Here's an opportunity to ask lots of questions!


To register: visit Sudbury Shared Harvest.

Check out our short video about the project.

The Sudbury Community Food Forest is a collaboration between reThinkGreen and Sudbury Shared Harvest. It is funded by a Trillium Foundation grant and is located on a small plot of City land at Delki Dozzi Park. Bonita Ford is the design coach leading the team.



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