Design Your Land: Applied Design Course

Introduction to Permaculture Module - September 13 & 14

Design Your Land Module - September 27, October 25 & November 8

  • Would you like your land to provide bountiful food, fuel and other products, while taking care of the soil, water and air?
  • Do you want your land to be able to withstand natural disasters, such as drought, flooding and intense storms?
  • Are you interested in (re)designing your land to work more with nature?
  • Do you live in Eastern Canada and want to learn techniques appropriate to our cold climate?
  • Are you interested in learning permaculture applied to your land and being mentored by designers?

drawing of permaculture designWe invite you to join our "Design Your Land: Applied Design Course", which includes:

  • Permaculture principles, ethics, design process
  • Zones and sectors, patterns in nature
  • Trees and basics of food forests
  • Soil, composting, eco-sanitation
  • Animals and aquaculture
  • Basic mapping
  • Microclimates, season extension and greenhouses
  • Designing with the sun and passive solar buildings
  • Water and earthworks
  • Design for catastrophe, extreme weather, windbreaks, fire-breaks
  • Assessing your land
  • Working with a design mentor

This course consists of the Introduction Module (one weekend), plus the Design Your Land Module (three Saturday's of hands-on design work and support from a mentor).

To register, please email


Facilitators & Design Mentors: Bonita Ford, Sebastien Bacharach and Douglas Barnes

Hosted at Aster Lane Edibles, in Kinburn, ON.

garden before

garden after permaculture design

garden before

garden after permaculture design

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