Ecological Design and Gardening: Introduction to Permaculture


Permaculture design - the ethics, principles and design process - is based on living systems and draws upon indigenous knowledge. It can be applied to physical systems (eg. farms, gardens, cities) and to social systems (eg. organisational flows, business models, school curricula) anywhere. These courses focus on permaculture as DESIGN, which can be broadly applied to land-based, urban, social or economic systems.

This is a unique opportunity to take this course in an inspiring and beautiful, country setting at the Lanark Eco-Village!



The Introduction Module provides a foundation in permaculture ethics, principles and design. It also gives an overview of common gardening techniques used in permaculture.


Course Topics:

  • Permaculture ethics

  • Design principles

  • Patterns in nature

  • Zones and sectors

  • Design process overview, mini design exercise

  • Forest gardens, plant guilds, polycultures, sheet mulching, chop and drop

  • Garden hands-on

The hours and cost can be applied as credit towards the full 84-hour Permaculture Design Course offered by the Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa in fall 2012.

For more info: or 613-267-1926

Presented by the Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario -

In partnership with Lanark Eco-Village

Download the Registration Form

intro to permaculture course poster at Lanark Ecovillage

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