Indigenous Knowledge & Permaculture at Spirit of Sustainable Agriculture Conference

March 31 to April 1, 2016

Where: Harvard - Cambridge, Massachusetts

WORKSHOP: Lessons from Indigenous Knowledge & Permaculture: Planting, Building, Harvesting & Hunting

At The Spirit of Sustainable Agriculture Conference

Indigenous knowledge and permaculture are mutually reinforcing. They are rooted in the preservation of the Earth and humanity; they offer a pathway back to our roots, back to the land, wherever we are from.  Learn how permaculture principles together with the Odawa Midewin teachings from Anishnabek people can apply to our lives.

How are the skills of planting, building, harvesting and hunting important to humanity? How does our relationship with Mother Earth affect how we grow our food, how we sustain our communities and how we live?

It is time to bring all our knowledge together to reweave our world.

Facilitators: Bonita Ford, from Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario; Sunny (David) Osawabine, Ashley Manitowabi & Joahnna Berti, from Debajehmujig Storytellers.

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