Aboriginal Knowledge & Permaculture Gathering - Let's Start Planting - Aambe Ktigedaa!

When: October 25, 2015

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Permaculture Principles and Aboriginal Traditional Teachings

harvesting cattails

with Bonita Ford, David (Sunny) Osawabine, Ashley Manitowabi and Sébastien Bacharach
Why are permaculture and traditional teachings important to all of us at this time on the planet? Learn a little bit about permaculture principles and Odawa teachings, and how they apply to our lives. By bringing together all of our knowledge, traditional and contemporary, we may co-create a healthier future for ourselves and future generations. We look to Mother Nature as the teacher; take care of the soil, water, plants and animals; learn to provide for our own food, medicine and other survival needs, while learning to restore the health of everything around us.

Water: Spiritual, Political and Ecological Teachings

with Grandmother Francine Payer
Water is essential for life on Earth. We will give thanks for the Sacred Water with song and prayer. Learn about water as a human right, water pollution and commodification. Hear about highlights from the Mother Earth Water Walk.

Building Soil Fertility with Compost

with Sébastien Bacharach
Composting encourages beneficial organisms and gives your garden a healthy boost. Wrap up the garden in the fall and get a good start each spring with compost! Learn about backyard and worm composting techniques and troubleshooting. We'll have fun in the garden with the compost pile.

planting an edible forest garden

Gardens + Wild: Edible Forest Gardens for People & the Earth

with Bonita Ford
Interested in growing more of your own food and doing less work, while taking care of the soil and water, creating natural spaces for the animals and supporting healthier ecosystems? In permaculture, we aim to mimic Nature. Our gardens can provide food, medicine, firewood, building materials, habitat, microclimates, privacy and beauty. Learn to create "edible forest gardens" with useful trees, shrubs and perennial herbs. Transform lawns, abandoned fields, deforested land, or add more food to existing woods!

Beyond Food Sovereignty to Self-Determination

with Wendy Trylinski
Wendy will present the work that is being done under Nishnawbe Aski Nation's food strategy, which is no longer referenced as "food security" or "food sovereignty", but as "reclaiming our right to food self-determination" as directed by our committee and Elders. She will also share about NAN's food distribution feasibility study.

Transforming Communities through Arts, Gardening, Earth & Creativity

edible weeds

with Joahnna Berti, David (Sunny) Osawabine and Ashley Manitowabi

Fire-Starting without Matches: Lessons from the Outer and Inner Landscape

with Brittany Boychuk and Alister Augé

Fire Medicine: Fire gives warmth, comfort, and light. Fire provides a hot meal, inspires stories, and gets us through the night. Fire is in the sky, in the Earth, and in our souls. Fire is the desire that lights the first coal. (Poem by Brittany & Alister). Fire is one of the four sacred elements and one of the most essential human survival skills. In a survival situation, fire is something we all need to know how to start and tend. The only way to be sure you can start a fire in an emergency is to practice, practice, practice before you ever need it. Different types of fires are made for different reasons: log cabin or top-down style are useful for cooking, while a teepee style are good in case of heavy rain or wind. Learn about starting fires without matches. Discover the art of fire making as medicine in your life.

Healing with Wild Plants

with Joe Pitawanakwat
We strive to connect you back to creation by showing you that this world has been created for your healing, we will show you how to use these wild plants!

The Importance of Manoomin: Food that Grows on the Water (Wild rice)

with Mary Ellen Kitchigeg

Species at Risk and How it Relates to the Anishnaabefrog in garden

with Theodore Flamman

Traditional Healing

with Roberta Oshkawbewisens
The Noojmowin Teg Health Centre offers teachings and workshops on different aspects of individual and family needs with respect to specific needs on the life journey, such as pre and postnatal, parenting, children and adolescent, adult life skills, elder care, and holistic health promotion.

The Art of the Bow and Arrow

with Peter Jones

Stories from the Bush

with Jacob Wemigwans

Come, participate, and be inspired!  Learn/share skills, knowledge and stories.  Engage with people are taking care of the Earth and their communities.

Check out our latest blog post called "Roots that Meet in the Earth: Permaculture & Aboriginal Teachings".

edible forest garden

group from six foot festival

bow drill







David (Sunny) Osawabine, from Debajehmujig Storytellers
Sunny provides the cultural foundation teachings that offer our learners an opportunity to maintain their personal balance while going through the various creative journeys, to achieve excellence in communicating the message in the artist’s work. He is also a key resource to learners and established artists engaging with the company by providing Odawa Foundation Teachings in the National Aboriginal Arts Animator Program and arts education workshops. He also provides significant technical support to performances and touring for learners and professionals at all levels of company activity. Sunny is a Wikwemikong Band Member and resides there. www.debaj.ca

Ashley Manitowabi, from Debajehmujig Storytellers
Ashley offers our learners grounded and gentle approaches to production management, carpentry and land based skills. If an artist can vision something in their mind’s eye, Ashley can pull together the resources, human and mechanical - to bring the vision to life with gentleness and integrity at each step. He is leading the Transformation Project and spearheads the development of the physical resources for continuing to advance the company’s self-sustainability. Ashley has been working with Debajehmujig professionally since 2006, after graduating from the Internship Program at Debajehmujig and continuing on to Cambrian College to complete a carpentry program. Ashley is an Arts Animator, Actor and Magician. Ashley is a member of the Wikwemikong Band where lives with his family. www.debaj.ca

Joahnna Berti, from Debajehmujig Storytellers

Joahnna Berti has been with Debajehmujig Theatre for the past seventeen years. In that time she has created “The Best Medicine Troupe” an improvisational company within Debajehmujig, that designs and delivers community based arts projects, collaborative creation, multidisciplinary and cross cultural creation works. Together with members of the Troupe, she developed a model for Aboriginal arts training at The Creation Centre with practicum residency in northern communities. The focus of this dual approach is to enable the development of arts infrastructure for presenting at the community level, engage youth and emerging artists in professional development and provide a vehicle for dissemination of artistic work, connecting northern communities to regional artists, organizations and each other. www.debaj.ca

Bonita FordBonita Ford, from Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario
Bonita aims to inspire and empower people, giving them tools for healthier and more sustainable ways of living. Bonita teaches, facilitates community projects, coaches individuals and small businesses, and grows much of her own food. Her “toolbox” includes permaculture, Reiki, Compassionate/Nonviolent Communication, shamanic practice and nature connection. At the heart of it, her work is about creating more harmonious relationships with ourselves, others and the Earth. She has been leading workshops and groups around the world for over 13 years. She is co-founder of and part of the teaching team with Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario. www.eonpermaculture.ca

Sébastien BacharachSébastien Bacharach, from Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario
Sébastien Bacharach, originally from France, is an Eco-logical Educator, Community Builder and Web Architect. He is the former Education Director of the San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners (SLUG) and co-founder of the San Francisco Permaculture Guild. Sébastien became certified as a permaculture designer in the spring of 2001, at the Permaculture Research Institute, New South Wales, Australia, by internationally renowned PRI Director Geoff Lawton. He trained as a Permaculture Teacher in 2004 at Ocean Song, California. He has applied his knowledge in many different settings, in France and especially in San Francisco, California. Sébastien is very involved in his local community of Perth, Ontario. Amongst other projects, he is a part of the steering group of Transition Perth. Sébastien strongly believes in holistic ways of thinking, whole systems design and applies these principles in his personal life and his work. www.eonpermaculture.ca

Granmother Francine PayerGrandmother Francine Payer

Francine Payer, Aki Songideye Ikwe, Anishanabe kwe of the Turtle clan, grandmother of 13 and great-grandmother of 2. Drum carrier, traditional dancer, seed keeper, spokesperson for the water and the forest, carrier of the People’s Sacred Pipe and the Moonpipe of the Northern Star Moondance and lodge keeper.  Respected grandmother of the community, she is the keeper of traditional wisdom.  She has been working for many years within the school system helping teachers with the aboriginal curriculum.
She facilitates several ceremonies including full moon ceremony every month, rites of passage for young girls and women, ceremony of gratitude and water ceremonies.  She organizes gathering on earth day, World Water day, World Peace Day and yearly gathering of the wisdom keepers. Every year she facilitates the International Indigenous Day at the Montréal Botanical Garden.
She participated in the Mother Earth Water Walk and walked from Hawkesbury to Sudbury for the Water as the lead walker. She participates as the elder and grandmother for the last 6 years in the peace mission paddling on the St. Lawrence River from Kanawake to Quebec City where a tree of peace is planted on the plains of Abraham.
Co-founder of the Foundation for the great earth peace, co-founder of SOS Poigan, on the board of direction of Uashteu Cultural Society, member of Les Familles du Monde.Org and president of the Univers Cité Libre (charitable organisation for youth 15 to 25).  Apart from her involvement in the Aboriginal community she is also the founder of Aki Ikwe Healing Center in Navan Ontario.

Wendy Trylinski and Joe Wheesk, from Nishnawbe Aski Nation

Wendy Trylinski is Director of Public Health Education at Nishnawbe Aski Nation and has been at NAN for 10 years. Wendy has been involved with community members and leadership in developing the NAN Food Strategy over the past 6 years. Wendy continues to learn and practice permaculture principles in her own garden and as a beekeeper.

Joe Wheesk has been working with the Land, Rights, and Treaty Research Unit of Nishanwbe Aski Nation (NAN) since 1998. Joe coordinates and manages the NAN Licensing and Fur Depot programs, and conducts and assists in research with the NAN Claims Research Unit. He recently took on a NAN Kiitigaan Aski Food Feasibility Study under the NAN Public Health Education Department. Joe holds a degree in Political Science (Lakehead University), a diploma in Aboriginal Business Management (Confederation College), and certificates in Environmental and Resource management and Archival Records Management. Joe provides support for departmental activities such as research, marketing and administration.  www.nan.on.ca



Brittany Boychuk & Alister Augé, from Roots2Fruits
Brittany and Alister began playing with fire way earlier than their parents would’ve liked. Fortunately, they discovered the art of fire-making with Chad Clifford of Wilderness Rhythms in 2012. They have since been facilitating fire-starting workshops with urban indigenous youth through the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health in Ottawa. They both studied permaculture with the Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario. Their passions lie in facilitating Nature programming in the city through Roots2Fruits. They believe that by rekindling our relationship to the land we live on, we can heal the Earth and ourselves. www.roots2fruits.ca

Theodore Flamman
Joe Pitawanakwat
Mary Ellen Kitchigeg
Roberta Oshkawbewisens
Peter Jones
Jacob Wemigwans


RESERVE TICKETS NOW:  https://pc-debaj2015.eventbrite.ca

Check out our latest blog post called "Roots that Meet in the Earth: Permaculture & Aboriginal Teachings".

This gathering is being organised by the Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario (www.eonpermaculture.ca) and Debajehmujig Storytellers (www.debaj.ca).