"Natural Vitality" Workshop

Cultivating a Nature-Based Wellness Practice

April 8 & 29, 2017 -- 1pm to 5:30pm

Where: Perth, ON

  • Is nature a source of nourishment and inspiration for you?
  • Do you long for more peace and tranquility in your life?
  • Would you appreciate some simple tools to help you manage stress and create more well-being?

Reconnect with Mother Nature and yourself through:

  • planting seeds and tending seedlings
  • observing a place in nature
  • learning about edible and medicinal wild plants
  • moving gently and breathing in nature
  • sensing the energetic qualities of earth, water, fire and air
  • walking and discovering metaphors in the garden
  • imagining your sanctuary
  • journalling
  • doodling or sketching
  • collaging

Stewart Park in Perth Ontario

Some themes we'll explore:

  • stress management in everyday life
  • retreat and replenishment
  • change and life transitions
  • acceptance, letting go and goodbyes
  • opening to new possibilities
  • presence and peace
  • gratitude and gifts


The group will be small and will have time for quiet reflection and sharing.

meditating on rock

Check out Bonita's “Guided Relaxation in Nature” videos to get a taste of her approach and other themes to explore:


What people say about working with us:

"Wonderful! Informative, well organised, engaging, life changing!"  ~Rose

"I love Bonita's calm and radiantly intuitive presence. I love the permission she gives for issues to come forward and be welcomed. A lovely healing gift." ~Andrew

"I learned a lot of valuable things that I'm sure will be valuable to me and many others for years to come.... [I appreciated most] meeting and learning from an amazing and diverse bunch of people; feeling a sense of community; a collaborative learning experience; feeling inspired and growing in confidence."


Registration Info:

Course Fee: $110, includes HST.  (Does not include meals or accommodations.)

Early Bird Special: Register before March 6, 2017 and pay $90 (includes HST).

Download the registration form for more details.

For more info: bonita@livinghearth.net

edible forest garden in spring


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