PDC Plus (français)

PDC Plus poster


March 13-15, May 22-24, August 7-9, September 11-13, 2015

PDC+ is a 12-day course dedicated to practical skills and active learning in permaculture. You’ll interact and observe nature over 4 seasons; each session will be held in a different and inspiring location, about 1 hour from Montreal. Develop your competencies and your project with a multidisciplinary teaching team of over 10 permaculturists from the region, including Bonita Ford, Stefan Sobkowiak, Graham Calder, Joey El-Khoury, Liza Charbel, Jonathan Pineault and more!


The course will be held in French. / Le cours sera en français.

Inscription au tarif lève-tôt: le 28 novembre. Visiter pdcplus.org.

Hosted and organised by Mycelium.

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