Permaculture Design Course + Aboriginal Knowledge

May 14 to 29, 2016

Where: Manitoulin Island, ON

10-day Permaculture Design Course (PDC).

Plus 4 days of Anishnaabek skills & knowledge.

Preference will be given to Aboriginal participants.

Permaculture Design Course plus Anishnaabek skills and knowledge

Do you want to learn:

  • From Mother Earth, the plants & animals as the teachers?
  • To grow food, while taking care of the water & soil?
  • To create or rebuild healthier communities, forests & gardens?
  • To help heal degraded land with traditional & new ways?
  • Anishnaabek teachings & skills for yourself & future generations?


Topics include:

  • Permaculture principles & design
  • Edible forest gardens; soil & compost; water & earthworks; season extension
  • Small businesses & community projects
  • Animals, greenhouses & natural building hands-on at the Tilson Homestead with Manitoulin Permaculture
  • Hands-on learning at the Debaj gardens
  • Visits to farms & various sites on the island
  • Foraging for traditional foods & medicines
  • Foundation Teachings & the 4 Axes


Full Course Fee (14 days): $1200 + HST, includes lunches and snacks; does not include accommodations. Dinner Plan: $200 + HST.

Presented by Debajehmujig Storytellers & Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario.

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