Our Garden: A Permaculture Design in Year 6

Welcome to our "garden paradise" in 2015-16.  Check out last year in our garden.  Also check out next year in our garden.

about a month of snowfall in 24 hours in February
a lot of snow
happy in the greenhouse
33.2C in the greenhouse, while there's snow outside
a very long goji runner... almost 15 feet?!
kale going to seed in greenhouse
late spring in the garden
our zone 1 polyculture
our zone 1 polyculture
gorgeous lupin flowers
our zone 1 polyculture
a handful of perennial harvest
wood strawberries from the groundcover
harvesting red currants
serious heat waves and severe drought this summer
a juicy peach... the peach tree lives in a pot that goes in the garage in winter
green tomato salsa and lacto-fermented green tomato pickles
mostly self-seeded kale in the greenhouse
amazing self-seeded kale: Red Russian and Siberian
still green in early November
digging chard under the snow in late November
beautiful chard harvest under the snow

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