About Our New Websites & Names!

We've grown! 

1) livinghEARTH.net is where you'll find all of our work, including permaculture, holistic healing, workshops, coaching and more creative stuff.  Learn more about LivinghEARTH.

2) We have a new e-newsletter for LivinghEARTH - SIGN UP NOW!  Our old e-newsletter from Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario will be phased out.

3) The website eonpermaculture.ca will still be around under the name Permaculture Eastern Ontario (formerly Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario).


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • If I was signed up for the old e-newsletter, will I automatically receive the new one?  
    • NO.  Sign up for the new e-newsletter!  Since our business has expanded and our services differ slightly, according to Canadian anti-spam regulations, we may not simply transfer over your email.  The old e-newsletter will be phased out.
  • My main interest is permaculture.  If I only go to eonpermaculture.ca, will I still find your latest events and articles?
    • The eonpermaculture.ca will show a summary of our permaculture events and articles - however, it will direct you to the full listing on the LivinghEARTH website.
  • Why LivinghEARTH and a new website?  The old site worked fine.
    • Our work has expanded beyond permaculture and beyond Eastern Ontario.  We wanted a new name and website that would feature all that we do.
  • Are LivinghEARTH and Permaculture Eastern Ontario owned by the same people?
  • Is the "h" in "LivinghEARTH" a typo?  You're not about fireplaces.
    • The name includes: living, heart and Earth.  Our tagline is "Nourishing Our Lives, Hearts & Earth."
  • What continent is that in your logo?  It doesn't really look like the Earth.
    • It's Pangea: the single land-mass from which all of the continents split off.


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