Delighting in Local Food!

In Vermont Peak Oil Newsletter - January 2009

Last year, when my partner and I spent the winter in Vermont, we tried to buy only local foods that were IN SEASON. Perhaps you can imagine how challenging it was to find locally grown, organic food at a time of the year when there was snow on the ground. So, this year, instead of getting frustrated about organic veggies being shipped across the continent, we decided to stock up in the fall, like people used to do in the "good old days" :)

*We called up a local farmer that we met at the farmers' market and bought organic squash, potatoes and carrots to last us for 2 or 3 months.
*We made an agreement to do work exchange with a local farmer for greens and other veggies.  We got one big harvest in and will look forward to eating and working in the spring!

*We did our first big "bulk order" from a local supplier and bought about 4 months' worth of organic rice, quinoa, lentils, beans, flour, and oil.
*We visited another local farm and bought organic meat.
*We called a local chicken farmer and asked if she had eggs for sale - she did and now delivers them to our door whenever she comes to town!

We did all of this for a few reasons.  Over the course of a few months, we'll be SAVING MONEY.  And as we didn't have time to plant a garden (we just arrived in October), I wanted to buy as locally as possible.  Here's how I see the picture: LOCAL FOOD = less transportation = LESS FOSSIL FUELS USED = less greenhouse gases = hopefully slow down/minimise climate change.  Also, food from local organic farmers = supporting local economies, and also = care for the land and people = me feeling happy and satisfied to be taking care of our own health and the planet.

I hope that my reflections have given you some food for thought that you will enjoy and appreciate digesting :)

This winter (and summer for those of you in the southern hemisphere), may we all find comfort in the simple things that warm our hearts. May we all do a little something each day to help make life more wonderful for ourselves, our loved ones and the Earth.


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