Teaching and Volunteering in Haiti

I have deep gratitude in my heart to all of you for supporting me with my initiative in Haiti and for helping to make this possible through your donations, helping to spread the word, and sending positive energy. As I prepare for this trip, I have a sense of being in touch with the oneness of our humanity.

The Monday after the tsunami in Japan, I spent the morning volunteering at our local day hospice program, giving Reiki and guided imagery sessions. I experienced that day that "All of this is Me". At the level of energy, there is no separation between Japan, the hospice clients and myself. Japan and my hospice clients are teaching me that I can let go. As I embrace my life purpose, I find it easier to live and to accept the impermanent nature of my life, that at one moment or another I will die. All of this, including our loss, our suffering, our transformation and our healing is part of our shared humanity. I go to Haiti with this spirit. I hold Love, Intention and Vision for humanity in my heart. I intend to plant seeds for the kind of world where People Care, Earth Care and Fair Share are our way of life again.

My Upcoming Work in Haiti
I'm experiencing a mix of disbelief and nervousness to be going to Haiti, finally, after all these months of planning :) I'm leaving on May 2 after we finish teaching our intro to permaculture course on May 1. The morning after I arrive, the plan is to immediately join a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) that is being hosted by the Love and Haiti Project, and taught by Larry Santoyo and Hunter Heaivilin.

After speaking with Demeter, my contact and host at AMURT, we decided to use the funds I raised for AMURT ($1400 USD) to sponsor two Haitian students to attend the PDC and for me to attend as a teaching assistant. These two students will be a core part of the team I will be training team in the four weeks following the PDC.

As it stands now, my plan is to run two 5-day trainings to train community leaders and AMURT staff in Port-au-Prince.  The first session will be for women only and the second for men and women together.

The 5-day training will cover:
Day #1 - Leading Groups in a Cooperative and Holistic Way
Day #2 - Permaculture Principles in a Garden
Day #3 - Permaculture Principles in Other Areas of our Lives
Day #4 - Cooperative Communication and Conflict Resolution
Day #5 - Preparing a Workshop

My goal is for the students to prepare and plan their own 1-day workshops for their communities on themes such as starting a garden, composting, cooperative and respectful families. Two other members of the AMURT team will hopefully train with me so they can give the 5-day training again to others in the future.

An Update on Donations
With the change in timing for my trip (initially I was meant to go in January), I won't be meeting up with Rosedanie from Helping Hands Noramise. I did however make a donation of ~$1500 CAD to Noramise to support their continued work in the north. And we also donated ~$1500 CAD to SOIL to support their work in ecological sanitation in PAP and elsewhere in Haiti.


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