Gardens, Forests, Food, and Our Role in the Climate Crisis

April 13 at 7 pm. Cloyne, ON.

How can we as gardeners and educators help to address the climate crisis? The urgency of climate breakdown asks all of us to contribute to the health of the ecosystems in which we live. While tending our gardens, we can create places for life to flourish and act as role models in our communities. We can take care of the soil and water, foster biodiversity, sequester carbon, and teach others to create positive change. Edible forest gardens and the companion planting of perennials and annuals offer useful strategies, while also providing food, medicine, and beauty. In addition, we'll touch upon the importance of protecting and planting forests, regenerative agriculture (including nutrient recycling, no till, no pesticides, and no synthetic fertilisers), integrating trees in food production, as well as shifting towards plant-based diets and reducing food waste.

Thanks to the Land O' Lakes Garden Club for hosting me. You're invited to join us. More information.


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