Permaculture Tour 2014

permaculture garden in perthVisit two diverse and unique gardens that have been designed with permaculture. These sites are also part of Transition Perth's Veggie Garden Tour. Join the Veggie Garden Tour, and/or meet up with the community for a potluck lunch.



28 Church Street, Perth

What can you do on a small piece of land in the city or in the suburbs? How much food can you grow in your backyard? Interested in creating more self-sufficiency, ecological health, and beauty? Join us for this inspiring tour of a semi-urban garden, home to two permaculture teachers. Learn about different ways to grow your own food and the "why's" behind the techniques on this 1/5 of an acre piece of land.

This permaculture design in "year 4" features: a young food forest, black walnut as well as plum polycultures (plant guilds), sheet-mulching, mounded beds, a hugelkultur bed, various trellises with simple materials, floating row covers, a portable mini-hoop house, outdoor compost and worm compost.

If you are interested in hearing about the permaculture design for this land, join us for the Guided Permaculture Tour, which will include a description of the zones, sectors, the polycultures and the techniques used.



Last Duel Park at South Street, Perth

"Garden like a forest." This young edible forest garden was recently designed and installed by a team of community members. This 2,400 square foot garden features over 60 varieties of useful perennial plants: fruit trees and shrubs; edible and medicinal herbs, ground covers, vines and roots. These plants will provide food and medicine for people, while attracting beneficial insects, providing nutrients for other plants, and increasing soil fertility. Learn about the design and the uses and purposes of these plants. Also visit The Table's existing community gardens and join us for a community potluck lunch in the park.



11:15am -- The Table's Edible Forest Garden

12pm to 1pm -- Community Potluck at The Table's community gardens

1:30pm to 3:30pm -- Sebastien & Bonita's Garden – Open to the Public

3:30pm -- Sebastien & Bonita's Garden – Guided Permaculture Tour

5:00pm -- Sebastien & Bonita's Garden - Observation in Permaculture – Guided Observation Exercise

See more details on Transition Perth's Veggie Garden Tour.


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