Past Events

Do you have an interest in gardening but not sure how to get started?

Gizhewaadiziwin Health Access Centre will be holding an interactive workshop. We will be sharing stories, knowledge and techniques on gardening. As well, we will get our hands dirty with hands-on activities with our special guest Bonita Ford.

Topics to be discussed:

How to start seeds How to plants... Read more

Interested in learning about sheet-mulched garden beds (lasagna-gardening) and edible perennial polycultures? Curious about starting a veggie garden and mixing in perennial herbs?

Visit two edible gardens and join us for questions & answers!

3:30pm at Garden Path Soap's garden - 284 Pleasant Corner Road East
-sheet-mulch, edible perennial polycultures, q&a

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Get a good start this Spring and learn how to make compost! Composting encourages beneficial organisms and gives your garden a healthy boost. We will have fun in this hands-on class and will learn about backyard and worm composting.

Facilitator: Sébastien Bacharach, a composting educator with over 10 years of experience.

For International... Read more

7:30pm Atlantic Time / 6:30pm Eastern Time

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Interested in permaculture, edible forest gardens, eco-villages, natural building, sustainable living, community building and more? Join us for an engaging conversation between Bonita Ford and David Cameron.

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March 13-15, May 22-24, August 7-9, September 11-13, 2015

PDC+ is a 12-day course dedicated to practical skills and active learning in permaculture. You’ll interact and observe nature over 4 seasons; each session will be held in a different and inspiring location, about 1 hour from Montreal. Develop your competencies and your project with a multidisciplinary teaching... Read more

Experience Cuba's Sustainable Food Revolution!
Ever since the collapse of the Eastern Block in the early 1990's, Cuba has undergone a fascinating transformation of it's food system, embracing agro-ecology and urban agriculture as the two key steps in walking down this new path. Permaculture has played an integral role in this process and organizations like the Antonio Nunez Jimenez... Read more


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Permaculture is an approach to planning and decision-making that looks to nature as the teacher.  It can be applied to our gardens and homes, as well as to our communities, organisations and businesses.  It helps us be more effective with and... Read more

Join Karryn Olson-Ramanujan in a 6-month transformational program to:

Discern your unique skillsets and define your thriving livelihood Replace the scarcity-based, “business model” mindset with “abundance models” Learn about thrivelihoods from leaders in the wider permaculture community Design a regenerative business that can be part of a socially-conscious, permaculture-based... Read more


Edible Landscapes & Gardening Like Nature

WORKSHOP: Sunday, November 9, 1pm to 7pm
Vankleek Hill Curling Club
Edible gardens with annuals & perennials
Simple, small-scale techniques
Mimicking nature
Planning with permaculture


Follow-Up Calls & Online Forum: winter 2014
Garden Planting Demo:... Read more

Permaculture is an approach to planning and decision-making that looks to nature as the teacher. It can be applied to our gardens and homes, as well as to our communities, organisations and businesses. It helps us be more effective with and take care of our resources, while creating health and abundance. Permaculture aims to meet the needs of people in more sustainable ways, while... Read more