Living by Design Course: Eco-Logical Design for Your Life & Small Business

Learn how to (re)design your life and small business to meet your goals and be more harmonious and efficient.

Are you interested in applying eco-logical design to your life and/or small business?


mind map of business design


  • thinking like nature; permaculture design principles (work with nature, start small and slow, emphasise multiple functions, create redundancy, promote beneficial relationships, use renewable resources, cycle resources, maximise diversity and edges, work with evolution, and be creative)
  • creating lifestyles and/or small businesses that include all aspects of our lives: self, nature and culture; an “Integral” approach for more holistic and resilient designs (read more about an "Integral permaculture" approach)
  • considering our vision, our needs and the resources already available to us
  • applying simple tools to your life or small business design to create more efficiency and flow: zone and sectors; inputs and outputs; mind-maps and connections


To register and reserve your place, please submit your registration form and course fee (details in the form).  Spaces are limited.

design course in garden