Permaculture Talk: An Eco-Logical Approach to Gardens and Life

Are you interested in “working with” nature to create greater harmony, efficiency and ease in your gardens and in your own life? Are you concerned about the environment and wondering what you as a gardener could do to help? “Permaculture” is an approach to design that is based on the observation of natural systems. This evening will include: some basic design principles; an example of a 5-year old garden designed with permaculture; strategies to facilitate more biodiversity, more organic matter in the soil, cleaner water and less work in the garden, including sheet-mulching (lasagna gardening), edible forest gardens (companion planting of edible or useful annuals and perennials), swales (to harvest water) and hugelkulturs (to create beds from woody material); a question and answer period.

Presenter: Bonita Ford

Hosted by the Williamstown horticultural society.





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