Abundance Part 3 - An Abundant Perspective

I think abundance is a way of thinking and a way of rethinking about our lives and the world. What would the world look like if people everywhere caught onto these kinds of ideas? I have learned from practicing Nonviolent Communication that it is very possible - and often so enriching - to approach our relationships and conflicts with an intention of meeting everyone's needs. Yes, we really can. If we let go of our specific ideas of the way we want things to happen, and we focus on what's ultimately most important for all parties, we can, with practice and patience, find a way that works.  To me, this is about coming from a place, a state of mind, where we believe that abundance is possible. 

As you're reading this, perhaps you're thinking that either I'm full of idealistic "compost" or that I live a perfect life. Actually, I'm writing about this, because as I write and reflect about these things, it helps to remind me that my cup is more than half full. I have yet to master living with an abundant perspective all the time. From my experience, it's a regular practice. When I'm faced with periods of my life that I find tough, if I can stay slightly open, sooner or later, I find myself in a situation that I find incredibly full - full of beauty, love, generosity, or inspiration. In these moments, I try to soak up the experience, so that next time I'm struggling, I can come back to a state of harmony and appreciation much faster.
When I focus on the amazing things I see around me, I really believe that abundance is possible. I believe that it's possible that my needs and the needs of all people and our Earth community are met. I don't know the specific strategies of how we'll get there. I simply believe that the more of us that hold this intention, the more quickly we will create solutions and strategies for a world that is based on abundance, richness, respect and care for all.


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