84-hour Permaculture Design Course

84 hours: 4 weekends in class + 22 hours group/independent work

Class Dates: September 23 (evening), 24 and 25 • October 1 and 2 • October 22 and 23 • October 29 and 30

Work Exchange: $300 includes HST (3 positions available. Work exchange applications due by July 8. Inquire for more details.)

permaculture design course poster


Permaculture design - the ethics, principles and design process - is based on living systems, so can be applied to physical systems (eg. farms, gardens, cities) and to social systems (eg. organisational flows, business models, school curricula) anywhere. 

This 84-hour Permaculture Design Course (PDC) will take place over 4 weekends in Ottawa and will include an additional 22 hours of assigned group and independent work.  The course emphasises permaculture as "design", which can be broadly applied to land-based, urban, social or economic systems.

The aim of this PDC is for students to develop proficiency applying the lens of holistic, ecological design and to gain an understanding of all the areas in the standard permaculture curriculum. 

The Introduction Module, weekend 1, on September 23 to 25, can be taken on its own.  It will cover:

  • permaculture ethics and principles
  • introduction to the design process
  • patterns in nature
  • zones and sectors
  • basics of forest gardening

The Main Module, weekends 2, 3 and 4, follows the introduction on: October 1 and 2, October 22 and 23, and October 29 and 30.  It will cover the following additional topics:

  • the full permaculture design process
  • trees and soil
  • compost and eco-sanitation
  • animal systems and aquaculture
  • microclimates and season extension
  • earthworks, landscape, slope, keyline, water, drainage, dams
  • building design
  • tropical, arid, temperate and cold climates
  • invisible structures, alternative economics and ecovillages

This PDC also aims to benefit the wider community and has been designed in collaboration with two community partners, Just Food and Lester B. Pearson School.  As part of the PDC, student teams will create comprehensive designs for the new Just Food site and projects, as well as the Lester B. Pearson school grounds.  The Just Food Community Food and Urban Agriculture Hub aims to provide training, partnerships, infrastructure and access to land to promote and celebrate a sustainable and just local food system. 


Instructors: Sébastien Bacharach, Bonita Ford & Douglas Barnes

To register: info@eonpermaculture.ca


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