Guided Permaculture Tour

Perth Veggie Garden Tour

GUIDED PERMACULTURE TOUR @ 28 Church Street, Perth, 3pm & 4pm
Visit the semi-urban garden of two permaculture teachers on 1/5 of an acre of land in Perth.  This land and garden in year 2 of a permaculture design features: a young food forest, sheet-mulching, a hugelkultur bed, raised beds, a portable mini-hoop house, floating row covers, various trellises (a bean tent, a string trellis on the side of the garage, and climbing tomato structures with simple materials), outdoor compost, worm compost, and a black-walnut plant guild.  If you are interested in hearing about the permaculture design for this land, please join us at 3pm or 4pm for the "guided permaculture tour", which will include a description of the zones, sectors, the plant guilds and the "why" behind the design.

Visit eight gardens featuring a variety of techniques and styles: raised beds, a roof-top garden, a mini-hoop house, a passive solar hot-house, an insulated cold-frame, sheet-mulching, a hugelkultur bed, stone terraces, companion planting, a young food forest, backyard gardens, a community garden, market gardens, an eco-village and permaculture design.

Visit the Transition Perth website for full descriptions, addresses and a map of the garden locations.

Come to the potluck lunch and join a carpool, or visit the gardens on your own.  Donations are welcome.

Join us for a potluck lunch at Last Duel Park. Please bring food to share and your own plate and cutlery.
Location: Community Gardens at Last Duel Park (near South Street) 

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