Permaculture Ottawa Meeting Feb 17

The date for the next Permaculture Ottawa meeting (decided by doodle poll) will be Friday, Feb. 17 from 6:00-7:30pm.Tentative agenda: - Michael: creating a resources and people database for the Just Food food hub - Sean Butler: organizing a permaculture film fest - Sebastien and Bonita: the Permaculture Convergence in April - Organizing a fruit tree propagation/ grafting workshop this springIf you would like to add something to the agenda, please email it to Emily at erichter(at)ncf(dot)caThe meeting will be held at the OPIRG Carleton office, 326 University Centre (UC), Carleton University.  The OPIRG office is located on the third floor, and you can reach it by going to Mike's Place (the Graduate pub) then down the hall from Mike's place towards Ziggy's Hair Salon, and from there take the stairs to the OPIRG office, which will be on your right (look for the awesome graffiti-inspired mural on the wall).   For a map of Carleton see  For anyone who's interested, we can have a potluck and hang-out before the meeting from 5pm-6pm.To learn more about Permaculture Ottawa, visit:   

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