What is Permaculture? An Intro to Permaculture Principles

Join us for Seedy Sunday in Perth, ON.  Bonita will be giving a presentation on permaculture principles at 11:30am.Permaculture design principles come from observing nature. Whether we are designing gardens and farms, or organisations and businesses, it can help us create more abundance and harmony, while being more efficient with our energy and resources. This presentation will cover the principles, as well as examples in the garden and in the social realm. Permaculture reminds us to work with nature, start small and slow, emphasise multiple functions, create redundancy, promote beneficial relationships, use renewable resources, cycle energy, maximise diversity and edges, work with evolution, and be creative!For more info about Seedy Sunday: http://www.emcperth.ca/20130221/News/Seedy+Sunday+set+for+March+3+at+Perth+Legion  

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