FREE Live Call – Connecting Aboriginal Teachings and Permaculture

  • Are you concerned about the well-being of the Earth and people?
  • Do you wonder how we can move forward together to create a healthier future?

This live interview will explore the overlaps between Aboriginal knowledge (particularly from an Anishnaabe perspective) and permaculture.

We can think of Traditional Aboriginal Teachings as deep “older roots” offering knowledge that has been tried and tested, and is well-adapted to a specific region. We can think of permaculture as “younger roots” (or even mycelia) that offer new perspectives for a rapidly changing world, connecting “old and new knowledge” and communities across the planet.

Join us for an engaging interview with Sunny, Ron and Bonita. David (Sunny) Osawabine, Ron Berti from Debajehmujig Storytellers, will be joining Bonita Ford from the Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario for this call.


Sign-up now to reserve your spot (right side of the screen)

Spaces are limited for the live call.  If we exceed our capacity, we will let you know and send you a recording of the call.


Join us for these amazing presentations, workshops and art: Let's Start Planting - Aambe Ktigedaa! October 25 on Manitoulin Island.  Sliding scale $15 to $30, with lunch included.  A very affordable day full of learning - it's worth the trip (carpooling available).


Check out our latest blog post called "Roots that Meet in the Earth: Permaculture & Aboriginal Teachings".

Six Foot Festival at Debaj

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