Permaculture 101 Course: Principles & Design

Learn how to create more ease, efficiency and harmony in your garden, home, work and life.

permaculture course in gardenTopics:

  • what is permaculture?
  • considering Earth and people in our designs; permaculture ethics (Earth care, people care, share the surplus)
  • thinking like nature; permaculture design principles (work with nature, start small and slow, emphasise multiple functions, create redundancy, promote beneficial relationships, use renewable resources, cycle resources, maximise diversity and edges, work with evolution, and be creative)
  • how we designed our garden; tour of the garden
  • how permaculture can be used in business or life design; business design example
  • simple tools for home, garden, business and life; inputs-outputs and zones
  • simple design exercise

To register and reserve your place, please submit your registration form and course fee (details in the form).  Spaces are limited.

mind map of garden connections

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