Earth care, ecological resilience

Community Food Forest Presentations & Planting (Sudbury)

May 12 to 14, 2017

Sudbury, ON - Delki Dozzi Park

Join as we plant Sudbury's first community food forest! 

Along with planting activities, there will be a series of workshops. The presentations will be approximately 1 hour followed by 2 hours of hands-on planting. For those willing to contribute time to help with maintenance tasks this summer and fall, the workshops are free (we're asking for 3 hours commitment per workshop). 

Edible Forest Garden Course: Designing Perennial Polycultures

June 10 & 11, 2017

Where: Perth, ON

Are you interested in:

  • Creating gardens that provide food and medicine year after year, while taking care of the water, soil, plants and animals?
  • Gardening in a way that requires less work over time, and that works in harmony with Mother Earth?
  • An engaging learning experience and practical knowledge to apply to the land you tend?


Introduction to Permaculture Course: Ecological Design and Gardening

May 27 & 28, 2017

Where: Perth, ON

Are you:

  • Seeking an engaging learning experience and practical knowledge to apply to your land, work, community and life?
  • Interested in growing food, taking care of the water and soil, sustaining your livelihood, building community, and deepening your relationship with Mother Earth?
  • Wanting real-life examples of what is possible in a cold climate, in rural, suburban and urban settings?

Be inspired.  Join us.


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