Edible Forest Garden Course: Designing Perennial Polycultures

perennial polyculture around a plum tree

September 26, 2015

Learn how to create gardens that will provide food and medicine year after year, while taking care of nature.

Are you interested in gardens that require less work over time, that offer diverse harvests throughout the season, and that take care of the soil and water?



  • thinking like nature; permaculture design principles (work with nature, start small and slow, emphasise multiple functions, create redundancy, promote beneficial relationships, use renewable resources, cycle resources, maximise diversity and edges, work with evolution, and be creative)
  • what is a perennnial polyculture/guild, how are they helpful and how to design one?  layers and functions of a polyculture/guild
  • how to choose the plants?  highlights of useful and favourite plants
  • how to plant the plants?  starting a polyculture bed from lawn, field or at a forest edge
  • how we blended perennial polycultures and annual veggies in our garden
  • exercise: design a polyculture
  • tour our garden and The Table garden


perennial polyculture around a pear tree

To register and reserve your place, please submit your registration form and course fee (details in the form).  Spaces are limited.


Read about our 55+ Favourite Plants for Edible Forest Gardens in Ontario and Québec.




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