"Nature Connection & Wellness" Free Online Workshop

March 1, 2017 -- 7pm to 8pm



Did you know that simply looking at nature for four to six minutes helps our bodies physically recover from stress? *

Make the most of this in your everyday life.  Open a little more to all of your senses and to the gifts that Mother Nature offers.

  • Is nature a source of nourishment and inspiration for you?
  • Do you long for more peace and tranquility in your life?
  • Would you appreciate a simple practice to help you create more well-being?

redwood trees

Join us for this free online workshop:

  • Learn about research that supports the health and nature connection
  • Notice how nature supports you in your life already
  • Deepen your connection with Mother Nature to cultivate wellness every day


This mini workshop includes a short presentation, personal reflection, small group sharing and guided imagery.


Check out Bonita's “Guided Relaxation in Nature” videos to get a taste of her approach and other themes to explore:


Also check out the full “Natural Vitality” Workshop in Perth.


*Source:  Ulrich, R.S. and R.F. Simons.  1986.  Recovery from stress during exposure to everyday outdoor environments.  In J. Wineman, R. Barnes, and C. Zimring (eds.), The Costs of Not Knowing: Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual Conference on Environmental Design Research Association.  Washington DC: Environmental Design Research Association.