Bushcraft, Survival and Nature Interpretation Skills Course

with Chad Clifford

Bushcraft skills include techniques for starting fires without matches; wayfinding and lostproofing techniques including in-depth map and compass; survival basics, clothing, simple shelters and animal traps; and many other bushcrafts that can be used to supplement your nature outings. Nature interpretation includes reading and understanding animal sign and tracks; plants for food, fire, fibre and other uses; ecology; and developing a heightened awareness including the sights and sounds often missed by modern adventurers.

The first days are spent developing new skills in a wilderness setting, including some indoor activities (limited). You will be hiking regularly and practicing skills on the go; the pace is rather steady but not overly energetic. We usually base camp at a convenient location.

You will develop skills and knowledge all but lost among modern adventurers and professional guides alike. But, you need not already be outdoor savvy to take part (it is fine if you are too).

7 day course - August 2 to August 8, $445 (includes all the topics; min 4 participants, max 12 participants)
2 day course - August 2 to August 3, $130 (includes an introduction to fire-starting, bushcrafts and animal tracks)


Bring your own meals. Please register to reserve a spot, as the class size is limited. No previous experience or background necessary.

Contact info@eonpermaculture.ca


Bonita has taken several workshops with Chad. She has found all of them to be full of useful information, practical skills, rich learning experiences and fun.

To learn more about Chad Clifford, visit: http://www.wildernessrhythms.com/


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