Community Urban Food Forest - Heron Park Planting Day

Heron Park’s Community Orchard Set to Grow in 2014
by Sarah M.L. Walker from Permaculture Ottawa

You may already be aware of the four fruit trees planted at Heron Park. A couple of years ago these trees were planted just north of the basketball court and they are no ordinary trees: they are the first fruit trees planted with the City’s permission by community members on park land in Ottawa. This makes the Heron Park Community Orchard a precedence-setting project that other neighborhoods are eager to learn from and emulate.

This year the Community Orchard will be getting a hand from Permaculture Ottawa and Hidden Harvest Ottawa, two organizations interested in promoting a healthy local food system. The group will mulch and do companion planting to support the fruit trees, adding smaller shrubs and perennial herbs to provide nutrients, attract beneficial insects and create more healthy diversity.

The planting day will be on Sunday July 13th, beyond the fence just north of the basketball court at Heron Park (near the corner of Clover St. and Aldea), and will be happening from 9am-3pm, rain or shine. We will have some tools available but would appreciate it if you can bring your own (especially wheelbarrows, garden forks and shovels). Come dressed appropriately for the weather, and bring your lunch if you'd like to picnic with us at noon. To help with the planting, sign up for a watering shift, or get involved with long-term care for the orchard, please contact Sarah M.L. Walker at samalewa at gmail dot com

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