Retreat for Permaculture Practitioners

  • Are you practising permaculture design at work, applying the principles at home, or actively engaged in permaculture projects in the community?
  • Would you appreciate engaging with other permaculturists to go deeper on topics and projects that you're passionate about?
  • Would you like to connect with other permaculture practitioners - designers, teachers and community organisers - for the weekend?
  • Would you enjoy a fun, relaxing and inexpensive getaway in a beautiful setting in nature?

We invite you to join us for a small gathering (35 participants max) for folks who are actively engaged in practising permaculture. If you've taken a PDC, we think this would be a great opportunity for you to connect and go further. (We are giving first priority to folks with PDC's already, so this is not meant to be a public/beginners' gathering.)

The topics will be proposed by the participants and may include: discussions, hands-on workshops, presentations, circles, games, walks, dances, rituals and almost anything that one could propose! (We will be following an Open Space Technology format.)

This will be a great opportunity to connect with peers, to cross-pollinate and dig-in on topics that we might not have an opportunity to discuss at large public convergences. Possible topics might include things such as: challenges and opportunities in starting permaculture businesses; sharing best practices as designers/teachers/organisers; how to create a culture of collaboration while fully inhabiting our own niches; arts and culture in permaculture; making permaculture more accessible to different ages and income groups. 

This retreat is being modelled after a similar retreat that was co-hosted by the Permaculture Institute of the Northeast in the last two years (


The retreat will be limited to 35 participants. As this gathering is meant to support permaculture practitioners, first priority will be given to registrants who:

  • have completed a full Permaculture Design Course (PDC)
  • are actively engaged in doing permaculture work or projects

If space is still available, registrants will be considered who:

  • have taken an Introduction to Permaculture course, apprenticed with a permaculturist (someone who has completed a PDC), or taken some other permaculture training
  • intend to do more permaculture work or projects

If you think your case is an exception, you are welcome to email us with more details.

If you are interested in attending, please send us your completed registration form.  Download the form here.

After receiving your registration form, if there is space available, we will ask you to send in the registration amount of $45 to reserve your spot.  There will also be limited spaces for partipants to attend one day only (no overnight) at a reduced amount.

Please note that this retreat is not for profit; the registration amount covers the retreat centre administration and rental, as well as supplies, so not HST is being charged.

For those participants who would not be able to attend without their family members (eg. due to childcare or health reasons), limited spaces are also available for family members.  However, we would ask that only folks who meet the above registration criteria participate in the "formal permaculture Open Space sessions", as this is not meant to be an introductory/beginners' gathering.  Accompanying family members would be invited to join the meals and social evening; they would also be welcome to enjoy the hiking trails, swimming pool and the grounds.  Each adult family member will be asked to pay a registration amount of $40 per person.

The registration amount of $45 covers: your accommodations; access to the centre (30 acres, hiking trails, swimming pool if the winter goes away, fire-pit, gardens, indoor showers); tea and coffee (responsible and organic where possible); as well as supplies for the sessions.

Accommodations: Indoor accommodations are mattresses in dorm-styled rooms for up to 25 people; these will be on a first-come, first-served basis the weekend of the retreat. There is plenty of space for camping.

Meals: We will each be responsible for our own meals. There is a large kitchen for cooking as well as plenty of outdoor space for cooking camping-style. You could bring your dishes already prepared or simply bring your ingredients; there are large fridges and having extra coolers with ice would be very helpful. We'd invite folks to eat potluck-style for the two lunches and one dinner, if they feel so inspired :)

We realise there are many people in the community who are interested in learning about permaculture and who do not meet the above criteria. We would encourage them to check out the Permaculture Convergences in Québec ( and in Maine ( this year. We know people in both of these communities and would highly recommend these gatherings!

If you're up for travelling a bit farther, there will also be a North American Permaculture Convergence in Minnesota this year (

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