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When: October 25, 2015


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PRESENTATIONS & WORKSHOPS Permaculture Principles and Aboriginal Traditional Teachings

with Bonita Ford, David (Sunny) Osawabine, Ashley Manitowabi and Sébastien Bacharach
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September 26, 2015

Learn how to create gardens that will provide food and medicine year after year, while taking care of nature.

Are you interested in gardens that require less work over time, that offer diverse harvests throughout the season, and that take care of the soil and water?



thinking like nature; permaculture design principles (work... Read more



Reiki is a holistic, energy-based practice that promotes balance, vitality and well-being.

In this workshop, we will learn Reiki Level I and other tools to enrich our practice, including:

Giving a Reiki self-treatment Treating another person Reiki with animals, plants, seeds, soil and water Benefits, principles and attunement - Usui Reiki Level I Lessons... Read more