All is One... and Embracing my Human Experience in this Planet Time

After watching the film "For the Next 7 Generations" about the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and following a few recent conversations, I'd like to share more here about my spiritual perspective.

I am so grateful that my journey of personal growth and spiritual development have been touched, influenced and supported by so many people, whose worldviews, traditions and practices come from all over the world. These include: shamanism, Buddhism, integral approach, Reiki, aikido, Nonviolent Communication, permaculture, paganism, Goddess tradition, hatha and kundalini yoga, the Red Road, Christianity, Taoism, Hare Krishna, Sufism, Quakers and much more.
There are two beliefs that I would like to acknowledge, which inform my work and my being in the world.
The first belief I could articulate in a few different ways: "We are all interconnected" and "All is One" and "We are all manifestations of the Divine".
The second belief I could articulate as: "Through our human experience, our consciousness/souls are learning and evolving" and "By embracing the wholeness of our human experience, including our feelings and thoughts, we may transform our humanity into higher vibrations of energy and consciousness".
I am also reminded of two messages that I recently received from two different people, which I would paraphrase as: "I believe it's important to honour the Shadow aspects of ourselves, not only the Light, because this honours us as whole beings. And, the Shadow holds the greatest transformative potential to become Light." And: "I believe it's important to focus on the Light, because we manifest the things on which we focus our attention." Yes, I hold both of these perspectives as true and part of the great paradoxes and mysteries of Life...
Why am I sharing all of this? I've asked myself why it is so important to me to share inspiration through my work and writing - why offer a vision of hope? I've also asked myself why, at the same time, I have felt compelled to share my concerns and pain around about such things as the oil spill in the Gulf, the earthquake in Haiti, climate change, peak oil and more?
I am of the view that at this time on our planet, we are in the midst of great change - and that we will continue to see enormous changes in my lifetime - in the economy, in politics, in culture, in the environment, and in our personal lives.
I endeavour to share hope and inspiration, because I believe that only through our collective vision, creativity and Love for the world will we birth a new way of being and walking on this planet at this critical point in time.  I believe that our Love and care is nourishment for our vision and the seeds we sow.
I also endeavour to share the gravity of what I see happening in the world, because I believe that only through awareness and clear understanding can we awaken to the juncture we are at and step into our roles as co-creators of change at this critical point in time.
I am so grateful for my many teachers and would like to acknowledge here again the work of Joanna Macy, through which I clearly understood the power of embracing our individual and collective despair around the state of the world, as a doorway through which we may connect with and harness the great forces of transformation within.
I have found it to be true in my own experience that as I embrace and honour my feelings of pain, sadness, helplessness, hopelessness, frustration and anger, that I come to a deeper place of presence, connection and peace within myself. For me, this is about living my feelings fully, to allow them to be released fully and to be transformed.
Another way I would describe this is that there is an aspect of me that holds a vibration/energy of compassion, presence and Unity, holding space for another aspect of me that is living a "human experience" where I might be mourning (my perspective in that moment) that there is separation or suffering in the world. I am both and all of these aspects of myself, as we are All and One.
I share all of this with you, to offer a more clear perspective of where I am coming from.  I invite you to join me in this conversation and discovery...
If you feel curious or compelled, I invite you to take a moment, to sit quietly and listen within. And then, to take another moment to look or be outside. What is alive in you as you listen and look, to yourself and the world, with open eyes, ears, minds and hearts?

Excerpts from "Thoughts on Relationship and Balance" by Sunray Meditation Society

The Peacemaker gave teachings to rekindle the fire of clear mind and remind the people of their spiritual responsibility...  We are reminded that the power to manifest peace exists in each of us. Our thoughts and actions contribute to create a world of peace. Thoughts weave patterns which be come the texture of our lives.

Take a good look at your life and remember that it isn't just the life of your mind, but the life of your heart. Not just your achievements and bank account, but your soul. What is the texture of your life of your heart? What is the truth of your life in your heart? Are you Happy? Are you Joyful? What are the illusions that you have created and are maintaining that are in your life? How can one transform those illusions so that they fade and disappear like dew upon the grass?

.... So to re-establish the good heart, the happy heart one could do the work that was necessary to come into right relationship, into sacred relationship with the family of life.


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