Port-au-Prince, Streets Bustling with Life

Personal reflections from our journey while working in Haiti...
Seeing and living so many contrasts here.  There is so much life bustling in the streets - people selling mangos, garlic, beans, toothpaste, phone cards, belts, wooden poles and other wares beside crumbled buildings.  There are camps with blue and white tents all over - I think we've passed five or ten by car already, saw several more when we flew in.  It fills my heart with joy to see the resilience of the people - and longing to be out walking on the street, in the market, talking with people.  The people on the streets seem to be just doing their thing - walking, riding in packed buses, selling stuff, transporting water, sitting at doorsteps - you know, just living life.  It is amazing to think that the rubble we see on every street all happened in a matter of minutes.  
I've also been astounded to see/hear about the number of international people here with NGO's and church groups doing relief and rebuilding work.  We're feeling excited and hopeful about our vision to teach permaculture in the Central Plateau in collaboration with an NGO.
I feel heartened by the energy, commitment and focus of the international and local people who are doing relief and rebuilding work here.  We'll be meeting in the next few days with other folks doing permaculture, agriculture, fuel efficient stoves, watershed management, ecological sanitation, youth leadership training, and more.


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