Complex, Interconnected Issues - Deforestation, Sanitation, Water...

It is so clear to me in Haiti how interconnected all of these things are. So many of these issues are connected in self-perpetuating cycles...

Approximately 98% of Haiti has been deforested (connected to farming cash crops and collecting wood for cooking fuel) = less transpiration from trees = less rain = farmers have more difficulty farming = some farming families can't grow enough for themselves to eat (25% of farmers in one study said they have to buy food all the time). Deforestation also = loss of top soil due to erosion = even more difficulty farming.

Massive earthquake in PAP = displaced people in camps in PAP = need sanitation = large NGO's install latrines = lots of human waste to be emptied by trucks and put in landfills = landfills getting full. Also, workers get paid by volume of material they can clear = dumping in random places instead of into landfills = human waste ends up in rivers and ocean.

Where there are rivers, people bathe themselves, wash clothes and vehicles there. Where there are no toilets, I saw spots where people peed and pooped on open ground. Garbage is thrown into gutters and riverbeds (not sure if there were no garbage services or if they were inadequate). All of this ends up in rivers and oceans = water is not potable = government and private companies purify water for drinking = buy drinking water = plastic sachets and bottles = plastic waste ends up on the street and in riverbeds. Buying water also = people who don't have money can't buy clean water = drink dirty water? 


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