Haiti Fundraising Update

We've raised over $4000 - getting close to the goal of $5300!  I'm so grateful for all the support :)  (A number of donations came by cheque and Interac, and unfortunately, they don't show up in the red box.)

If you would like to make a donation, any amount is appreciated.

The Perth Civitan Club has agreed to issue Canadian charitable tax receipts on my behalf.  If you are interested in making a donation that's tax-deductible in Canada, please email me at bonitaford{at}gmail{dot}com, and I can give more details.  10% of the donation will go to the Civitan as a processing fee.

If you don't require a tax receipt, you can make secure payments through Paypal or Interac email; please check out my previous blog article.

To support these projects, please help me spread the word.  Please forward this email to your friends and let them know that you know me and that this is a small-scale initiative with very little overhead, meaning that the bulk of the funds benefit Haitians.  To read about what I plan to do in Haiti, click here.

The director of Helping Hands Noramise says that there is a great need for medical personnel.  There are 12-15 new cholera cases admitted daily, and the hospitals are short on staff.  If you know of any medical professionals who would be willing to volunteer in Haiti, please contact: volunteer@noramise.org.


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