Keyhole Garden and Overstimulation

We started a small garden with about 25 people at a camp today – a sunken garden bed at the bottom of a little dip, with a raised border on the lower end and an overflow trench, to catch water and allow excess water during intense rains to flow out of the garden.  We collected mulch from the shrubs and grasses around the camp, and taught people to only take some of the leaves and branches, keeping the plant intact so it can continue to grow. I could see the sparks of enthusiasm, determination and deep, old understanding in the eyes of one man and one woman in particular; in one of the youth I sensed his desire and happiness to do and learn this; the other youth seemed grateful and proud about their participation.

The land at this camp was mostly flat, at the foothills of the mountains. Most vegetation was removed and smooth gravel had been put down to prepare the camp, lots and lots of tents lined up, spaced out, stretching out far. Big trenches – I had to jump across a few of them with effort – along the edges and some “roadways” to deal with water runoff. Tomorrow we'll be giving our workshop at another camp where the conditions are quite different – fairly steep mountainside, near protected park land, tents closely packed together like a maze, with more greenery close-by on the edges beside the tents.

I'm feeling fairly balanced – I guess the great joys and great sorrows are balancing out :) - and also feeling pretty tired. We're working, or discussing work or thinking about work about 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. A day seems like a week here to us, and we haven't really taken a break from it. Overstimulation. On all levels – physical, energetic, emotional and mental. Timing and communication snaffus, driving 80 km/h or faster on unpaved roads, garbage in riverbeds with incredible erosion, imported staple foods, people buying water in plastic sachets and bottles, no recycling, garbage in riverbeds, goats hanging out in riverbeds. I'm glad to still be breathing consciously and grateful to still be connecting with the Cosmos, the Earth and the Reiki energy.


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