Perth Permaculture Tour: Homesteading, Water-Harvesting, Chickens, Edible & Medicinal Plants...

Cancelled -- We are very sorry that Agapé Gardens had to cancel.  We have cancelled the Perth Tour (as the Agapé site was half of the tour).  

Sunday, August 7, 2016 -- 1pm to 5:30pm.

Where: Perth, ON.

Cost: $35, includes HST.

Join us for a detailed tour of two permaculture sites, featuring: water-harvesting, hugelkultur beds, a chicken tractor, edible and medicinal plants, and more!  Visit Agapé Gardens, and Bonita and Sébastien's garden.

Perth permaculture tour, Agape gardens, Bonita & Sébastien's garden

Agape Gardens Tour

A home-made, small-scale labour of love located in rural Perth, ON. Through our hand-grown, hand-crafted, nutrient-dense products we want to share our passion for individual and planetary health and well-being.  We have been homesteading for three years on a beautiful, seven-acre, permaculture-designed landscape. The work of our homestead is threefold: firstly, we serve as an educational platform for research and development in the fields of permaculture and self-sufficient living; secondly, we revive traditions of growing nutrient-dense foods on our homestead; thirdly, we create artizen products such as kale chips, flax crackers, and fermented soda (kombucha). Originally a devastated piece of land, by applying permaculture principles, we have designed a flourishing mini oasis. On this tour, learn about the water-harvesting design, which includes ponds, swales and extensive hugelkultur beds; as well as the chicken tractor, greenhouse, shadehouse and more!

Read Agapé Gardens' inspiring story about how their relationship with land and food transformed their lives


Bonita & Sébastien's Garden

Learn about the many food and medicine plants in our garden that come back year after year.  Learn about our permaculture design for this site, now in its 6th year, and how we created a small edible forest garden to replace our suburban lawn.

  • over 100 species of perennial plants for food and medicine in our garden
  • tour of the garden and visit the plants
  • some highlights include: goji, nettles, fiddleheads, beetberry, daylilies, lambsquarters, hablitzia, Good King Henry for cooked greens; salads with dandelion, sedum, sorrel, 5 kinds of perennial alliums (onion family), mallows, garlic mustard, Lady's thumb, purslane, oxalis, plantain, curly dock, reseeding chard, kale, turnip and radishes; berries like currants, elderberries, wild strawberries and raspberries; cinnamon yam, sunchokes, daylilies and burdock for potato-like veggies; lemon balm, catnip, mint, bee balm, chamomile and ground ivy herbal teas; oregano, thyme and mullein tinctures; birch sap; black walnut nuts and more...

Check out our Life, Garden & Permaculture with Bonita & Sébastien video on youtube. Read about our 55+ Favourite Plants for Edible Forest Gardens in Ontario and Québec.

This tour is included in our Permaculture Design Course in 2016.