"Food, Perennials, Soil & Water: The 'Why & "How' of Some Permaculture Strategies in the Garden" Talk

Sunday, March 4, 2018 -- 11:00 to 11:45am.

FREE!  Perth Seedy Saturday.

Where: Perth Civitan Club, 6787 Lanark County Road 43, Perth, ON.

Are you interested in creating greater harmony and doing less work in your gardens? Are you curious about including edible and medicinal plants, attracting pollinators, building healthier soil and fostering healthier ecosystems? In permaculture, we learn to “design like nature”, drawing on simple principles from the natural world. Learn about: some basic design principles and some strategies to facilitate more biodiversity, more organic matter in the soil, cleaner water and less work, including: sheet-mulching (lasagna gardening), edible forest gardens (companion planting of edible or useful annuals and perennials), hugelkulturs (to create beds from woody material) and swales (to harvest water).

For more details about the event, visit: https://seeds.ca/events or http://perthfarmersmarket.ca/events

If you're interested in this talk, you might also like our Introduction to Permaculture Course: Ecological Design and Gardening.


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