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Join us for this webinar and learn about:

Permaculture, a holistic approach to design based on nature Permaculture principles Basic design process and land observation Common and pressing problems on a piece of land Some useful strategies to address these problems

Registration is now closed for this webinar.  Please join our email list to receive announcements about our... Read more

with Chad Clifford

Bushcraft skills include techniques for starting fires without matches; wayfinding and lostproofing techniques including in-depth map and compass; survival basics, clothing, simple shelters and animal traps; and many other bushcrafts that can be used to supplement your nature outings. Nature interpretation includes reading and understanding animal sign and tracks;... Read more

Visit two diverse and unique gardens that have been designed with permaculture. These sites are also part of Transition Perth's Veggie Garden Tour. Join the Veggie Garden Tour, and/or meet up with the community for a potluck lunch.



28 Church Street, Perth

What can you do on a small piece of land in the city or in the suburbs? How... Read more


This class in Kirkfield, Ontario will give students a practical understanding of the water-harvesting earthworks techniques used in permaculture. A theoretical section will be taught in which a variety of approaches will be introduced, including dams, swales, ripping, and more. This section will also cover site assessment, design, and cautions. Students will have practical... Read more

The folks that hosted last year's Northeast Permaculture Convergence is hosting another big event this year!  Check it out.

Heron Park’s Community Orchard Set to Grow in 2014
by Sarah M.L. Walker from Permaculture Ottawa

You may already be aware of the four fruit trees planted at Heron Park. A couple of years ago these trees were planted just north of the basketball court and they are no ordinary trees: they are the first fruit trees planted with the City’s permission by community members on park land... Read more

What is a Carolinian hackberry tree doing up here? What are the plants telling us about the soil and hydrology at this site? What did this forest look like 10,000 years ago? What might it look like in 100 years? These are the types of questions we will explore during our interactive fieldwalk at Petrie Island. Put on your detective cap and join us as we uncover stories from the landscape! This... Read more

This year's Northeast Permaculture Convergence will be held in Maine.  Visit:

A talk by Douglas Barnes on the basics of water-harvesting earthworks at the Farm Open House hosted by Circle Organic in Millbrook, Ontario. The open house starts from 1 pm. For more information, please see Circle Organic.

Are you practising permaculture design at work, applying the principles at home, or actively engaged in permaculture projects in the community? Would you appreciate engaging with other permaculturists to go deeper on topics and projects that you're passionate about? Would you like to connect with other permaculture practitioners - designers, teachers and community organisers - for the... Read more